10th Birthday Discount!

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It only seems like yesterday that Motorgeek.co.uk went live for the first time. In fact it's been 10 years in December!! How time flies!!

Since 2004 many things have changed in car care. One thing that hasn't is our love for cars and detailing. We have enjoyed testing new brands, meeting customers and offering new products to the marketplace!

To celebrate our 10th birthday, we're offering a December discount code of 20% across the entire Motorgeek range. That’s 20% off the best waxes, 20% off the best polishes, 20% off the best microfibre etc.

The code to use at the checkout is BIRTHDAY10.

We are offering this discount from Black Friday (28th November) through until the end of December. Once the 1st of January strikes, unfortunately this code will have to end.

Thanks again for your custom over the last 10 years - it's been appreciated. I wonder what new car care products will be introduced over the next 10 years??!!!