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Dr Beasley’s Matte Paint Coating

Dr Beasley’s Matte Paint Coating
In stock

Dr Beasley’s Matt Paint Coating is a liquid coating that provides protection for matt vehicles.

This coating creates a layer of protection that bonds directly to the surface of matt and matt vinyl wrapped cars. This ensures protection from dirt, dust, debris and the elements, and makes washing your vehicle even easier.

It is vital that you use a product specifically for matt finishes as any other waxes or sealants will ‘fill in’ your matt paint. It also has greater longevity than waxes and sealants and will last hundreds of car washes. 

Matt Paint Coating is only a molecule in thickness so it purposely doesn’t fill in any of the crevices that give the vehicle the matt effect. This means the paint will maintain an even, uniform finish.

Make sure your car is fully washed with all contaminants removed to ensure the coating bonds to the surface. Before you apply the coating, the car must be wet with distilled water. Apply 5-6 drops of the product onto a clean foam applicator pad and apply to a panel in a circular, overlapping motion. Then once applied to the panel wipe it with a clean microfibre cloth. Repeat the process one panel at a time.

We recommend using Dr Beasley’s Matt Body Wash to clean you car and Matt Paint Cleanser to remove any surface contaminants before you apply a coating. 


-          Protective coating specifically for matt and matt-wrapped cars

-          Use on Single Stage, Clear Coated and Vinyl Wrap matt finishes

-          Re-apply every 6-9 months

-          Leaves behind a uniform, flat sheen

Size: 4oz (118ml)

Product Code: DB-mp31t04

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