303 Compound


303 Compound

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303 Compound is the first step in 303’s 3-step polishing process and has the capability to remove severe paint defects.

This compound utilises the latest in abrasive technology to remove moderate to severe paint defects, including swirls, deep scratches and scrapes, light oxidation and more. Plus it has the ability to remove 1500 grit sanding marks.

It is the first step to flawless paint depth and clarity. Follow it up with 303 Polish and 303 Finishing Polish for ultimate results.


-          Strong and effective paint compound

-          Removes up to 1500 grit scratches

-          Use on both single-stage and base clear paint systems

-          Can be used by hand, Rotary or DA polisher

-          Engineered to eliminate the most severe defects

Size: 355ml (12oz)