303 Fabric Top Cleaning Kit


303 Fabric Top Cleaning Kit

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In order to keep your convertible in tip top shape, you need to use a cleaner and protectant which works to remove stains and dirt, and protect against UV rays that can fade the colour of the fabric. The 303 Fabric Convertible Top Kit is the answer to everything.

Here is what your kit includes:

303 Fabric / Vinyl Top Cleaner: This product is safe for all convertible tops, and also works wonders on fabric, velour, and carpeting. The 303 Convertible Top Cleaner is non-hazardous, non-flammable, and non-toxic.  It is safe to use on tile, floors, doors, woodwork, ovens, upholstery…even fruit! It is excellent for removing residue and dirt on fruits and vegetables, which attests to its safety.

303 High Tech Fabric Guard: This product protects all new or cleaned “outdoor” fabrics from water, dirt, grease, and UV sun damage. Outdoor fabrics include canvas convertible tops, cloth automobile seats and carpets, biminis, and boating enclosures. 303 High Tech Guard also resists soiling and mildew formation, by restoring an effective level of lost water repellency. Similar products may last on average 2-3 months, whereas High Tech Guard should protect for up to three years. High Tech Fabric Guard is recommended by industry leaders that include AMCO Convertible Fabrics, Winnebago, Sunbrella, Walt Disney World…and Motorgeek! One treatment can last up to three years.

Use these products on your convertible top and you will understand why 303 is the cleaner and protectant of choice all over the world.