303 Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner


303 Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner

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303 Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner uses an iron indicating, colour changing formula to remove dirt and brake dust. 

This powerful formula is non-corrosive, acid free, and safe for use on ALL wheels. It also has no overpowering odour like many other wheel cleaners.

This product is not only a great option for heavy duty wheel cleaning, but it also works great as a paint decontaminant spray to remove any embedded fallout from your vehicle’s paint, to prep it before correction and protection.


Shake the product well before using it. For best results, use when wheels or rims are cool to the touch. Rinse the wheel with the hose, then spray the product directly onto the wheel, and let it sit for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, use a wheel cleaning tool to clean and agitate the product on the wheel surface, then rinse the wheel thoroughly. If any residue remains, repeat the steps as necessary. To use as a paint decontamination spray: Wash the car, and dry the surface. Spray the surface with 303 Wheel Cleaner, and let the product sit for 5 minutes. The product should turn to a purple tone as it removes iron and other contaminants from the surface. Once this is done, rinse, and wash your car again to remove the product from the surface. You can then follow up with clay barring, correction, and protection as you wish.


-          Removes caked on dirt and brake dust

-          Safe for use on ALL wheels

-          Iron indicating

-          Non-corrosive and acid free

-          No overpowering odour

Size: 473ml (16oz)