303 Polish


303 Polish

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303 Polish is engineered to remove moderate defects like light scratches and swirl marks while adding depth and clarity to your paint.

This is the second step in 303’s 3-step paint perfect system and it helps to eliminate fine swirls and scratches in your paint. It leaves a deep, reflective shine.

303 Polish quickly and effectively eliminates moderate defects with its non-dust, easy to use formula. Follow up with 303 Finishing Polish for the perfect surface.


-          Removes 2000 grit scratches

-          Quickly and effectively eliminates moderate paint defects

-          Non Dusting Formula, Produces a wax, sealant, etc. ready surface

-          Engineered to be used on both single stage and base clear paint systems

-          Can be used by hand, rotary or DA polisher

Size: 355ml (12oz)