303 Show Car Wax


303 Show Car Wax

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303 Show Car Wax provides your paintwork with long-lasting protection and an incredible show car shine.

A blend of natural and synthetic waxes provide the ultimate protection and shine, while making the wax easy to buff on, and off.

The easy-to-use formula also hides minor scratches and swirls while leaving your paint with a show car finish. There is also no need to tape off your plastic and trim pieces, as it does not leave any white residue, making the process easy for you.


-          Shake bottle thoroughly before use

-          Apply the product using a clean microfibre applicator in overlapping patterns

-          Do not use too much product as a little bit of product goes a long way

-          Buff product off with a clean microfibre towel


-          Easy to use

-          Long lasting protection

-          Shines and protects to keep your paint looking like new

-          Hides minor swirls to give a show car finish

-          Will not leave any white residue on trim or plastic

Size: 473ml (16oz)