Angelwax AnGEL - Plastic & Interior Dressing


Angelwax AnGEL - Plastic & Interior Dressing

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Angelwax AnGEL is a fantastic water based pH neutral\, silicone free plastic and interior dressing. In the form of a gel (which you'll have already guessed from the name) AnGEL is designed to clean and protect interior plastics & vinyl.

Angelwax AnGEL has a built in UV protective which guards against strong sunlight which can discolour darker interior plastics and dashboards.

This specialist detailing gel has been formulated to remove dirt and fingerprints from all types of plastic surface leaving your interior with a professional matte\, non greasy and non tacky finish.

Directions: Ensuring that the surface to be treated is dust free\, apply AnGEL to a microfibre applicator and treat the desired area.

Remove any excess AnGEL and finish to a high standard with a separate clean\, dry microfibre cloth.

Size: 500ml