Angelwax Bilberry Wheel Wax


Angelwax Bilberry Wheel Wax

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Angelwax Bilberry Wheel Wax is an award-winning protective sealant for wheels.

Bilberry Wheel Wax has been formulated to provide alloy wheels with protection for up to 6 months. This wheel sealant creates a barrier on the wheel’s surface to prevent the build up of brake dust\, traffic film and other contaminants which can damage wheels.

The protective barrier also means wheels are much easier to clean\, with contaminants being easy to remove. Bilberry Wheel Wax prolongs the appearance of freshly cleaned wheels\, especially when used after Angelwax Bilberry Wheel Cleaner.


Apply to cool\, clean\, dry wheels with a foam or microfibre applicator pad. Only a very light application is required to coat each wheel. Leave for 5/10 minutes before removing. Apply a second coating for ultimate protection.


-          Provides 6 months protection

-          Makes wheels easier to clean

-          Only a very light coat is required

Size: 150ml