Angelwax Corona Synthetic Spray Wax (2 Sizes)


Angelwax Corona Synthetic Spray Wax (2 Sizes)

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Angelwax Corona Synthetic Spray Wax restores all painted surfaces\, plastics\, vinyl and rubber.

Corona is designed to protect and rejuvenate every area of your vehicle. The unique formula seals the treated surface and creates a hydrophobic barrier which revitalises the tired and faded trim beautifully whilst adding amazing depth to painted surfaces.


Wash\, dry and rinse your vehicle before applying Angelwax Corona with a clean\, dry applicator pad.

Apply sparingly in a circular motion coating the desired surface and leave to cure for a few minutes before removing with a clean\, dry\, microfibre cloth.


-          Adds amazing depth to paintwork

-          Rejuvenates plastics\, vinyl and rubber

-          Creates a hydrophobic barrier

Available in: 250ml or 500ml