Angelwax Elixir Rubber & Tyre Dressing


Angelwax Elixir Rubber & Tyre Dressing

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Angelwax Elixir is a dressing for exterior rubber and the tyres on your vehicle.

The water-based formula is designed to rejuvenate the rubber\, vinyl and plastic components of your car.

Elixir is formulated to adhere to the surface of rubber\, vinyl & plastic creating a waterproof barrier and leaving the treated surface looking like new.


Ensure the chosen surface is clean\, spray Angelwax Elixir onto a clean\, dry sponge then treat the desired area making sure that any excess is removed with a separate clean\, dry microfibre cloth.


-          Water-based

-          Revitalises tyres\, rubber\, vinyl and plastic

-          Leaves surfaces looking like new

-          Creates a waterproof barrier

Size: 500ml