Angelwax Superior Automotive Shampoo


Angelwax Superior Automotive Shampoo

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Angelwax Superior Automotive Shampoo is a highly concentrated\, pH neutral car shampoo that leaves beautiful\, streak-free results.

This shampoo has been formulated using only the finest raw materials to create one of the purest car shampoos on the market.

Angelwax Shampoo has a neutral pH of 7 meaning it won’t strip any existing wax or sealants. It’s also extremely gentle on paintwork and skin.

Only a small amount of this thick\, slow pouring shampoo is required to create mountains of rich\, sudsy water.


Add two or three small capfuls of the shampoo to a bucket and fill with water creating a rich lather. It can also be used through a foam lance.


-          pH neutral shampoo

-          Won’t strip wax or sealants

-          Leaves streak-free results

Size: 500ml