Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel Cleaner

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Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel Cleaner

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Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel is a powerful water-based wheel cleaner that is safe to use on all wheel types.

This non-acid and non-alkaline wheel cleaner is formulated with new generation biodegradable surfactants\, Auto-Wheel is powerful yet pleasant to use\, and safe to use on all types of wheels.

When you use Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel to clean your wheels very little to no agitation is required. It does all the hard work for you. Auto-Wheel has won an array of awards due to its safe formulation and high performance.

Wheels constantly come into contact with hot metal contaminants such as brake dust which embed themselves onto wheel surfaces. Although Auto-Wheel works like an acid-based cleaner it doesn’t carry the risk. It shrinks embedded particles from the wheel surface\, while removing dirt at the same time\, and without causing any damage to the finish. This reaction is visible as the product turns from clear to a deep red colour.


-          Multi-award-winning wheel cleaner

-          pH controlled formula is safe for all types of wheels

-          Removes metallic particles & cleans wheels

Size: 1 Litre