Bilt Hamber Finis-Wax

Bilt Hamber

Bilt Hamber Finis-Wax

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Bilt Hamber Finis-Wax is one of the most durable waxes on the market\, made from high grade T1 carnauba.

This wax is extremely easy to apply\, yet it does not rely on strong solvents or oils to make it spreadable. Instead it contains proprietary gloss enhancers to do the same job\, and these enable a harder\, more durable wax-film to be laid down on your paintwork.

Inferior waxes rely on the heavy use of oils to plasticise the wax film thereby irreversibly reducing the properties of the waxes in the formulation. Bilt Hamber avoid the use of any materials that reduce the effect of carnauba wax.

Finis-Wax imparts a hard film to paint surfaces that is ultra-durable. It is difficult to find a wax that is as durable. In addition to incredible longevity\, Finis-Wax also provides extreme levels of gloss.

The way the wax is formulated means it is more detergent-resistant than most paste waxes. This means it doesn't need to be applied nearly as often in order to maintain a high level of protection on your vehicle.


-          Extremely durable carnauba wax

-          Easy to apply

-          Provides high levels of gloss

Size: 250ml