Blackfire Clay Bar


Blackfire Clay Bar

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Blackfire Clay Bar is a fine grade detailing clay bar that removes embedded contaminants from paint to leave a perfectly smooth surface ready for polishing, glazing, sealing, or waxing.

This fine grade detailing clay is perfect for new or well maintained vehicles.

There is no wax or paint sealant that can fully protect against contamination from rail dust, brake dust and environmental fallout. This is why it’s paramount to remove these contaminants with a clay bar.

Most paint contamination consists of tiny metallic particles from brake pad linings and rail dust created from the friction of train wheels against railway tracks. These hot, metallic particles fill the air on motorways and near railway tracks where they ultimately land on your car's finish, burning through any wax or sealant coating and embedding themselves in the top paint or clear coat layer.

Blackfire Clay Bar removes embedded contaminants from your paintwork, glass, wheels and metal. It leaves your paintwork perfectly smooth and as a blank canvas to polish, seal or wax.


Mist a small area (2 sq. ft.) of the vehicle with Blackfire Clay Lubricant and rub the clay bar over the surface. The clay will ""grab"" at first. Continue lightly rubbing the clay over the surface until it moves freely. When the bar moves freely, the surface is clean. Wipe off any residues with a microfibre towel and proceed to the next area.

If clay residues resist easy wipe-off, re-mist the cleaned area with Clay Lubricant and wipe with a clean microfibre towel.


-          Fine grade detailing clay

-          Extremely flexible and easy to fold

-          Durable and long-lasting synthetic clay

-          Will not dry out or deteriorate

-          Can be used on paint, wheels, glass, and metal

2 x 100 grams