Blackfire Clay Lubricant


Blackfire Clay Lubricant

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BLACKFIRE Clay Lubricant is designed to work with all clay bars.

BLACKFIRE Clay Lubricant creates a microscopic barrier between the paint and the clay cleaning material. The high lubricity formula prevents loosened contamination from scratching delicate clear coat finishes yet it will not break down or degrade the integrity of the clay.

To work properly, all clays require a lubricant. Soapy water will work at a pinch but it provides only minimal paint protection and the detergents in some soaps can break down the clay causing it to disintegrate. Only a true clay lubricant will preserve the clay and protect your vehicle.


- Allows clay to move easily over vehicle surfaces.

- Removes dust, smudges and fingerprints.

- Safe on all paint and clear coat finishes.

- Provides necessary lubrication for detailing clay.

- Helps protect vehicle from dirt removed by clay bar.


Mist a small area (2 sq. ft.) of the vehicle and rub the clay bar over the surface. The clay will ""grab"" at first. Continue lightly rubbing the clay over the surface until it moves freely. When the bar moves freely, the surface is clean. Wipe off any residues with a towel and proceed to the next area.

Size: 946ml (32oz)