Blackfire Synthetic Spray Wax - 946ml


Blackfire Synthetic Spray Wax - 946ml

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BLACKFIRE Synthetic Spray Wax (previously called Wet Diamond Polymer Spray Sealant) is a spray-on paint sealant that contains light cleaners to remove dust and smudges while reinforcing and extending existing paint protection. 

BLACKFIRE Synthetic Spray Wax works as a wax booster or a stand-alone paint protectant. Use it over waxes or paint sealants to maintain a fresh, clean shine all the time! Each bottle of BLACKFIRE Synthetic Spray Wax is packed with Wet Diamond polymers making this an excellent stand-alone sealant as well!

Modern waxes and sealants can protect your vehicle's finish for months and months but that doesn't mean your vehicle will have the same stunning shine it had when it was freshly ""waxed."" Repeated washings and exposure to the environment diminishes shine over time.

To combat this phenomenon, our industry came up with quick detail sprays but these sprays only renewed the shine for a few hours. A better solution is BLACKFIRE Synthetic Spray Wax (Sealant/Wax). While Synthetic Spray Wax removes dust\, fingerprints and surface smudges like a detail spray, it is actually an advanced polymer sealant in an easy-to-apply spray. 

Technically, BLACKFIRE Synthetic Spray Wax is a spray wax but the truth is\, there is no ""wax"" in the product. It contains the same fantastic gloss and bonding polymers used in Blackfire Paint Sealant and Midnight Sun Paste Wax.

Boosted with Polycharger, BLACKFIRE Synthetic Spray Wax offers tremendous cross-linking capabilities to reinforce the existing paint protection.

Blackfire Synthetic Spray Wax bonds equally well to both paint sealants and carnauba waxes, extending surface protection and renewing that elusive ""just-waxed"" shine. Use over any wax or sealant! 


- Advanced polymer film technology outlasts other spray sealants.

- Protects paint from dirt, oil, UV rays, and moisture.

- 30ml protects 5-6 vehicles.

- Easy application - no buffing required.

- Dries crystal clear and streak-free.

- Safe on all types of paint.


Apply out of direct sunlight. Use very sparingly. Polish and clay your vehicle as needed before applying Synthetic Spray Wax. Vehicle should be clean and dry. Mist the paint lightly and use a clean microfibre cloth to spread it over one section at a time. Flip the towel and buff to a clean\, slick shine!

Size: 946ml (32 oz.)