Clean Air - Air Con Duct Heating Treatment

Clean Air

Clean Air - Air Con Duct Heating Treatment

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Not an air freshener; Clean Air is an advanced formula that actually washes the air! 

When sprayed as directed into air vents and air intake vents, this incredible product cleans the air of contaminates and effectively eliminates odours.

Have you ever gone into your car only to catch a whiff of a musty, less- than-fresh aroma hanging in the air? Even the most pampered car can suffer interior odours. Air conditioning and heating systems are a breeding ground for moulds, mildews, bacteria and algae, all of which can cause foul odours.

External air contaminates, such as cigar/cigarette smoke also leave a lingering unpleasant essence. These offenders settle into your ductwork and blast stale odours into your car when using heating or air con.

A product that can provide a long-term solution is Clean Air.

Clean Air™ is a unique three-phase formula that.....

First - travels throughout the air conditioning/ heating system\, cleaning all components

Second - Clean Air™ chemically neutralises odours that build up in the system.

Third - Clean Air™ leaves behind a barrier of protection that remains within the air conditioning/ heating system and prevents the formation of new odours by resisting bacteria, mould, algae, and mildew and discouraging their growth.

Clean Air™ can be used in cars, trucks, motorhomes, aircraft, and boats etc. To use Clean Air™ follow the directions listed on the product. To spray into your intake grilles: set the system on ‘High’ fan and ‘Normal’ setting for outside (fresh) air intake. Then shut off fan and spray just one shot into every vent. After treatment, the vehicle to ventilate for 5 to 10 minutes, by running the fan on high with windows open.

 ** Please note this product cannot be sent outside UK**