Dr Beasley's Intensive Brake Dust Remover

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Dr Beasley's Intensive Brake Dust Remover

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Dr Beasley’s Intensive Brake Dust Remover is a biodegradable cleaner that removes tough brake dust from wheels. 

Brake dust can damage your wheels by eating through painted clear coats and causing etchings. Standard wheel cleaners usually aren’t strong enough to remove brake dust. Brake Dust Remover is specifically formulated to completely eliminate it. 

Brake Dust Remover safely and effectively cures the problem of brake dust with its gel-based formula. It is also biodegradable and causes minimum impact to the environment.

This cleaner is safe to use on all types of wheels including chrome and aluminium. Just spray on your wheels and clean with a wheel brush or sponge and then rinse off.


-          Safely removes brake dust from wheels

-          Safe for use on all wheel types

-          Biodegradable

Size: 12oz (360ml)