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Dr Beasley's Metal Coat

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Dr Beasley’s Metal Coat is a coating that protects metal surfaces from staining and etching.

This metal protectant maintains the shine of metal surfaces on your car and creates a layer of protection by bonding directly to the surface.

It is safe to use on all metal surfaces including chrome and aluminium trim to stainless steel wheels.

The coating is super-hydrophobic meaning you will see excellent water beading. This prevents water spots and etching as water is unable to dry on the metal surface.

The condition of metal surfaces can quickly deteriorate when exposed to brake dust, acid rain and environmental contaminants. Metal Coat protects your metal against these contaminants and ensures your metal doesn’t become dull.

Before applying Metal Coat, make sure the surface is cleaned and dried. Focus on a small area at a time, applying the product with an applicator pad and then wiping away with a clean microfibre cloth. The coating doesn’t require time to cure.


-          Protective coating for metal trim, wheels and more

-          Prevents metal surfaces from staining and etching

-          Super-hydrophobic formula for excellent water beading

-          Can also be used to protect metal surfaces in the house

Size: 8oz (237ml)