Dr Beasley's Microsuede Cleanser (2 Sizes)

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Dr Beasley's Microsuede Cleanser (2 Sizes)

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Title:12oz (360ml)

Dr Beasley’s Microsuede Cleanser is a delicate cleaner for microsuede seats and interior surfaces.  

These unique microsuede surfaces are made from synthetic fabrics and are notoriously difficult to clean. They are also very sensitive to normal cleaning products, so it is important to use a product that is specially formulated for these types of surface.

Microsuede is a blend of dense microfibre knits that closely resemble and feel like real suede. Dinamica, Alcantara and Ultrasuede are all types of microsuede used for luxury car seats and interior surfaces.

Microsuede Cleanser gently removes stains, dirt and body oils. It works by lifting the dirt out of the fabric's surface without penetrating the fabric itself. Using a cleaner which penetrates the fabric can lead to staining and it can also ruin the unique feel of the fabric.

To clean simply mist a small amount of the product on the fabric and gently wipe the surface. Leave to dry for a few minutes and the surface will return to its original colour.


-          Gentle microsuede fabric cleaner

-          Cleans Dinamica, Alcantara and Ultrasuede

-          Lifts dirt without penetrating the fabric

Size: 4oz (118ml) and 12oz (360ml)