Dr Beasley's Neutra-Scent Odour Eliminator

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Dr Beasley's Neutra-Scent Odour Eliminator

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Dr Beasley’s Neutra-Scent is an odour remover that completely removes odours at the source.

This odour eliminator has no scent and works at the molecular level for permanent odour removal. It doesn’t just mask the smell like some products.

Neutra-Scent works incredibly fast and is extremely simple to use. Just spray the product onto the odorous area and the smell will instantly disappear. No scrubbing or drying is required.

Use Neutra-Scent on stenches in your car interior such as animal odours and spilt drinks. In can also be used to neutralise smells in the household.


-          Odour eliminator spray

-          Permanently removes odour molecules

-          Just spray on and the odour disappears

Size: 12oz (360ml)