Dr Beasley's NSP 95 Nano Surface Primer

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Dr Beasley's NSP 95 Nano Surface Primer

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Dr Beasleys NSP 95 is a fine cut primer that is engineered to specifically prime ceramic nano-coating applications.

NSP 95 removes scratches and oxidation, builds up thickness and protects the surface before the coating is applied.

This Primer uses advanced nanogel and microsphere abrasives to correct paintwork in a way that ensures a durable coating.

NSP 95 is the next step up from NSP 45. It is named after its .95 microns, which is an extremely fine measurement, with the .5-micron variance to ensure an even cut.

Dr. Beasley's NSP 95 is powerful, but still made without the use of silicone oils, waxes or fillers. This is known as the nanogel base. This product is 100% body shop safe, making it a great product for any professional detailer to use. It is made without any organic content, that way you are ensured a stable surface.


-          Inspect paintwork carefully

-          Work on one small area at a time

-          Always start with least aggressive NSP and buffing pad

-          Conduct 5-7 passes per panel

-          If desired results aren’t achieved use the next NSP up

-          Finish with NSP 45 and wipe the panel twice with a dry microfibre towel.

-          Repeat steps going one small area at time until all paintwork has been buffed to desired results

Size: 8oz (237ml)