Dr Beasley's Premium Paint Sealant

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Dr Beasley's Premium Paint Sealant

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Dr Beasley’s Premium Paint Sealant is a long-lasting synthetic sealant that provides a deep, rich shine.

This sealant was formulated to leave a shine reminiscent of a carnauba wax but provide protection that will outlast a wax.

Premium Paint Sealant provides your car with up to a year’s protection from contaminants and enhances your paintwork leaving a rich, warm and deep finish.

Due to having similar properties to a carnauba wax, this synthetic sealant can be layered or used as a base layer before applying a wax to further increase the shine and protection.

This sealant is hydrophobic which creates intense levels of water beading.


-          Synthetic sealant that provides the shine of a carnauba wax

-          Provides protection for up to a year

-          High levels of water beading

Size: 12oz (360ml)