Dr Beasley's Total Decon

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Dr Beasley's Total Decon

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Dr Beasleys Total Decon lifts out and removes contamination embedded within automotive paint.

Total Decon removes iron from brake dust and fallout along with other common contaminants. It reduces the need for claying to save time and avoid blemishing the surface.

When sprayed on a panel, Total Decon penetrates deep to pull iron and other contamination to the surface so it can be easily removed.

Iron particles embedded in the finish rust (oxidate) over time, eating through it until holes appear. Total Decon stops this by removing iron before it oxidates.

When applying nanocoatings deep contamination must be removed or it will be locked in. Use Total Decon to get it all out first.


1. Holding bottle six inches away, spray a panel or small area evenly until surface is covered.

2. Let sit for 30 seconds to a minute.

3. Wipe away with a microfibre towel.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until all desired surfaces have been decontaminated.


-          Removes iron particles

-          Helps prevent paint oxidation

-          Saves time and energy

Size: 12oz (360ml)