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Dr Beasley's Tyre Conditioner

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Dr Beasley’s Tyre Conditioner is a water-based tyre dressing that restores tyres and protects them against fading, drying out and cracking.

Unlike most tyre dressings, this product actually conditions tyres. It contains moisturisers and UV blockers that prevent your tyres from cracking, fading and drying out. At the same time it restores the appearance of dull, faded tyres.

It is vital to take care of your tyres as constant exposure to the elements and harsh UV rays can cause them to quickly deteriorate.  

This tyre conditioner is water-based and doesn’t contain any damaging solvents. Once applied it doesn’t sling due to its thick gel formula.

With Tyre Conditioner you can control how your freshly conditioned tyres look. If you require a high gloss look only wipe a small amount with a clean microfibre cloth. If you want a flatter look, wipe until you are satisfied with the appearance.


-          Water-based tyre dressing that restores faded tyres

-          Conditions tyres to prevent cracking, fading and drying out

-          Thick gel formula that doesn’t sling

Size: 8oz (237ml)