Gilmour Foamaster Foam Gun (Including hose attachment)

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Gilmour Foamaster Foam Gun (Including hose attachment)

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The Pinnacle Foamaster Foam Gun (by Gilmour) gives a safe sudsy wash. The Pinnacle Foamaster delivers a thick layer of foam to your vehicle to give the paint maximum lubrication as you wash. The reservoir features the trademark Pinnacle crest to match your collection.

If you’re in search of the perfect swirl-free car washing technique, then you’ve come to the right place. The idea behind a foam gun is to minimise the amount of rubbing and scrubbing necessary to clean the vehicle by pre-soaking it with frothy foam.The foam starts loosening and lubricating the paint immediately. As you work your way down and around the vehicle with a mitt or sponge, you don’t have to use as much force to remove dirt. Any debris is already loose and only needs slight agitation to release it from the paint surface.

This method substantially decreases the risk of swirls and micro-marring because the paint is covered in a foamy layer of lubrication. Used in combination with one of our recommended car shampoos, the Pinnacle Foamaster is a guaranteed safe way to wash your vehicle.

Having reviewed several guns, we found that the Foamaster is the best for car washing. It creates a substantial amount of foam by forcing water through the nozzle where it mixes with the diluted car shampoo that is in the gun’s reservoir. The foam is richer, thicker and sticks to the vehicle longer than soap applied by hand because the dilution ratio of the soap is higher.

The Foamaster’s nozzle is constructed of brass, which means it has long-lasting performance and durability. The handle, foaming tip and reservoir lid are all made of heavy duty plastic, and the reservoir is chemical-resistant polyethylene. This professional grade foam gun is used by many valeters, detailers and enthusiasts because it’s built to last.

The Gilmour Foam Gun also has a Multi-ratio Stem - The multi-ratio stem gives you five settings so you can adjust the dilution ratio of your shampoo.

Features of the foam gun

  • Accurately mixes and sprays shampoo / foaming chemicals
  • Foam generating wand creates a thick, clinging foam
  • Detach handle for a powerful spray rinse
  • Easy to fill wide mouth, chemical resistant polyethylene bottle
  • Built-in screen filters out sediment before it reaches your vehicle
  • Foaming attachment provides a fan spray. Remove attachment for a solid stream
  • Anti-siphon - Protects water supply by preventing soapy water from siphoning back into the hose
  • Customised Ratios
  • Comes with prefitted Hozelock connection for hose use.