Invisible Glass Interior/Exterior Kit

Invisible Glass

Invisible Glass Interior/Exterior Kit

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The Invisible Glass Interior/Exterior Kit is the perfect kit for cleaning your interior and exterior windows, windscreens and mirrors.

The kit includes a bottle of Invisible Glass (650ml) and a bottle of Clean & Repel (650ml). Use Invisible Glass on your interior glass and use Clean and Repel, with it’s added rain repellent, on exterior glass.

Invisible Glass
 is the glass cleaner of choice for professional racing teams. The powerful formula quickly and easily cleans all glass surfaces on your vehicle.

This premium glass cleaner cleans windscreens, windows and mirrors with a powerful, non-abrasive formula.

It contains no surfactants or soaps, cleans thoroughly and evaporates completely. This leaves streak-free glass with no leftover residue.

Clean & Repel
 has the powerful glass cleaning properties of Invisible Glass with added rain repellent. Its hydrophobic qualities help to repel rain, snow and ice.

This rain repellent glass cleaner is for use on exterior glass only. Use it on your exterior windscreens, windows and mirrors.

Clean & Repel gives your windscreen a streak-free shine plus a hydrophobic coating that repels water faster than untreated glass. This coating will also help prevent road dirt\, bugs and bird droppings from bonding to your windscreen.

Kit contains: A bottle of Invisible Glass (650ml) & a bottle of Clean & Repel (650ml)

Please note: Clean & Repel is for use on exterior glass only.