Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads - 2"MINI Pads

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Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads - 2" MINI Pads

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For polishing with precision, use Lake Country Mini Force Foam Pads!

With many polishing machines going small, Lake Country is keeping up with the trend by producing 1 and 2 inch foam pads that incorporates the same level of excellence as always. Manufactured using the hybrid foam composition many are coming to favour, Lake Country Mini Force Pads ensure that no inch of paint is left unpolished.

Force pads use a composition that is a blend of standard foam and an advanced, denser foam. These foams combine to make this hybrid foam cut better and finish nicer. This same dense foam keeps more product on the face of the pad longer, allowing for more working time. The pads are also known by some as Hybrid Foam pads.

The Lake Country 2 inch Mini Hybrid Foam Pads allow you to touch up areas that before have gone unpolished, or at the very least, only polished by hand. Use these revolutionary foam pads to polish small painted panels on your wing mirrors, between exhaust vents, and even on interior painted surfaces!

Available in four different types of foam, Lake Country 1 inch Mini Hybrid Foam Pads provide a product for each stage of the paint correction and polishing process.

The 2 Inch pads measure 63mm across the pad face and 53mm across the pad base so can be used with are for use with 2" Inch Backing Plates.

Lake Country 2 inch Mini Hybrid Foam Pads are available in the following types of foam:

Grey Foam - Heavy cutting pad

These pads work great for heavy defect removal and spot repair, but also work great for polishing on very hard clear coats.

Orange Pad - Cutting Pad

This pad works great for cutting in colder climates, but can be used as a light cutting pad in warmer temperatures. This foam softens with heat throughout the polishing cycle to give a good bite in cutting ability but still finishes well.

White Pad - Polishing

White foam is a staple for polishing and leaves a perfect finish on many paints. The partially closed cell construction helps “smash” or “sandwich” the abrasive to the surface to maximize the result.

Black Pad - Finishing 

Hybrid Black Foam is the perfect solution for any finish work, even on the softest, most finicky paints. The silky feel combined with the slightly more dense body create a perfect combo for finishing.

Red Pad - Final Finishing Pad

This soft foam pad is ideal for applying the final coat of wax or sealant. The foam works especially well when applying liquid waxes or sealants because it is firm enough to keep the majority of the product on the paint\, rather than soaking it up.