Lake Country Hydro-Tech Flat Foam Pad - 5.5”

Lake Country

Lake Country Hydro-Tech Flat Foam Pad – 5.5”

Sale price£8.95
Type:Cyan (Heavy Polishing Pad)

Lake Country Hydro-Tech Flat Foam Pads are made from long-wearing, high quality foam which is less absorbent, enabling polish to remain on the pad’s surface for longer.

Closed cell foams reduce polish absorption into the pad creating optimum performance for both pad and polish. The pads are made from high strength, tear resistant foam.

Cyan 5.5 inch pad – Heavy polishing foam designed for compounding and swirl removal. Used to restore oxidized and heavily swirled paint.

Tangerine 5.5 inch pad – Light polishing foam for light to moderate defect removal and polishing. Slightly less aggressive than our Orange foam.

Crimson 5.5 inch pad – Ultra finishing soft foam designed for applying waxes, glazes and sealants.