LC Power Tools Aero Cool Backing Plate - 5"

LC Power Tools

LC Power Tools Aero Cool Backing Plate - 5"

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The newly engineered UDOS® 51E 5" (127mm) Aero™ Cool backing plate adapts aerospace industry technology to increase airflow through the tool when in use, and makes detailing work easier.

This UDOS-specific backing plate dramatically increases airflow, using a patent-pending LC Power Tools design adapted from the aerospace industry. The unique backing plate maximises tool performance while the increased air flow keeps the pad and tool cooler.

The backing plate keeps pads cooler meaning they last longer, and you’ll spend less money on replacement pads. The backing plate also keeps the machine cooler, therefore keeping your hands cooler.

You can also easily check if the pad is rotating correctly, with clear markings on the backing plate.