Lexol Premium Applicator Sponges - (2 in pack)


Lexol Premium Applicator Sponges - (2 in pack)

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Lexol is so committed to beautifying your leather and vinyl, they’re offering these high-quality, low-cost applicator sponges to ensure proper use of their products. These two ultra soft terry applicator pads are super-absorbent so that Lexol’s products get onto the surface you’re treating but not on you. They prevent dripping, running, and globbing so that no product is wasted. These applicators are exceptionally gentle on all surfaces, perfect for applying Lexol Leather Cleaner or Conditioner to fine leather seats. Use them with any product to make applications easy. 

When you’re finished cleaning, toss the applicators into the washing machine. Dry them on low heat and you’re ready to use them again. One is round and one is square so that if you’re using two different products, you can keep your applicators straight.

You can keep Lexol Premium Applicator Sponges handy for any job:

  • Automotive Upholstery & Trim
  • Luggage
  • Saddles
  • Sports Equipment
  • Boots
  • Shoes
  • Furniture

Each pack contains 1 (5" dia. round) and 1 (5.5" x 4" ) square terry sponge.