Maxshine Mini Polishing System


Maxshine Mini Polishing System

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The Maxshine Mini Polishing System can be used in areas like car headlamps\, fog lights\, brake lights\, door handles\, emblems\, scratch glass surfaces\, interior console panels and other small areas.

The universal multi-chuck locking mechanism makes it easier to lock the output shaft for easy replacement of accessories. Specifically designed for polishing small areas\, gently remove grease\, grime\, and environmental fallout from recessed areas of your vehicles.

The kit contains a variety of mini-custom accessories that allow you to work a variety of different polishing surfaces.

It comes with a 5/8"" or M14 connector\, works with rotary polishing machines and is easy to operate.

Kit includes:

x3 Red Finishing Pad – 1.5cm 

x3 Red Finishing Pad – 2.6cm 

x3 Green Polishing Pad – 1.5cm 

x3 Green Polishing Pad – 2.6cm 

x3 Felt Polishing Pad – 1.5cm

x3 Long Wool Pad – 2.5cm      

x3 Orange Polishing Pad – 3x4.5cm   

x3 Orange Polishing Pad – 3x3cm 

x1 Backing Pad – 1.5cm 

x1 Backing Pad – 2.5cm   

x1 Adaptor M14 or 5/8%u3003

x1 Small Wrench        

x1 Small Bag 

Cable: 1.5m Thread: M14\, 5/8″