Menzerna Control Cleaner


Menzerna Control Cleaner

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Menzerna Control Cleaner is designed for pre-cleaning and quick inspection of polishing areas on coatings and plastics as well as removing polish residues.

This can be used before polishing or in between polishing stages.

It was created for a body shop or paint shop environment. Since it contains no silicones, it can be used in the spray booth. It is non-flammable, water-based, silicone-free, and non-irritating.


-          Allow surface to cool

-          Spray Control Cleaner onto the surface

-          Wipe immediately with soft, clean microfibre


-          Removes all traces of polishing residues and grease

-          Straightforward application thanks to the high-quality spray head

-          No discolouration


Size: 500ml (16oz)