Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Protection Boat Sealant


Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Protection Boat Sealant

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Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Protection is a long-lasting polymer sealant for boats.

The latest polymer technology ensures a visibly fresher and noticeably smoother gel coat surface.

Thanks to Gelcoat Premium Protection, your boat has less resistance, which leads to lower consumption. The sealant provides long-term protection.


1. Before using it clean the already shiny surface with Menzerna Control Cleaner.

2. Shake the bottle and pour the product onto the polishing pad.

3. Apply the long-lasting sealant together with the Wax Foam Pad.

4. To achieve a perfect result, we recommend using an orbital polishing machine and working in a cross-pattern. Apply light, steady pressure while applying the product and use the polishing machine at low machine speed.

Size: 250ml