Menzerna Orbital Wool Pad (2 Sizes)


Menzerna Orbital Wool Pad (2 Sizes)

Sale price£8.95
Size:3.5 Inch

Menzerna Orbital Wool Pads are perfect for removing scratches, sanding marks and other moderate surface defects, when used in combination with a Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound.

These pads feature a short-haired wool which makes it perfect for use with random orbital machine polishers and feature a high quality foam interface, colour-coded in red to signify use with heavy cut compounds from Menzerna’s range.


-         Fast cutting action

-         Short haired wool

-         Specifically for Random Orbital / Dual Action Polishers

-         Easy to clean

Available in: 3.5" (90mm) or 5.5" (140mm)