Microfibre Gloves


Microfibre Gloves

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Microfibre Gloves

 You don't have to be a clean freak to appreciate what this tool can do. No soap. No chemical cleaners. Wet or dry, this non-abrasive material cleans like magic!

Use it dry, and the Microfibre Glove is like a dust magnet. The thousands of superfine fibres reach into nooks and crannies and quickly lift the dust from your dash, console, instrument panel. Add water, (soapy or not) and use the Microfibre Glove to reach small areas.

Finally, get to that elusive grime and dirt even small brushes miss. Your wheels will look as good as they did on the showroom floor!

These gloves are especially loved by bike owner's. The many small surface and undersurface areas on a motorcyle have always presented a cleaning challenge. Give your bike a detailed hand washing!

Care Instructions:

When gloves becomes dirty, simply machine wash with a mild detergent in cold water. Always wash all microfibre products separate from cotton towels or other laundry. Lint and fibres will be captured in the microfibre strands. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Tumble dry or allow to air dry.

Each pack contains 2 universal fitting gloves.