Mothers Odor Eliminator & Refresher - New Car Scent


Mothers Odor Eliminator & Refresher - New Car Scent

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Mothers Odor Eliminator & Refresher permanently neutralises and eliminates tough\, lingering odours.

This fine-mist fogger does not just mask odours\, it uses Complete Malodor Management™ (CMM™) technology to completely remove them. Intermolecular forces identify malodors and neutralise them.

Mothers Odor Eliminator & Refresher seeks out and destroys up to 99% of unwanted odours from food\, smoke\, mildew\, pets and more.

This residue-free\, fine-mist fogger penetrates deep into your vehicle’s ventilation system\, encompassing the fibres of your carpet and other upholstery to encapsulate odour-causing molecules and block them permanently.


-          New Car Scent

-          Permanently removes up to 99% of odours

-          Uses advanced CMM™ technology

Size: 2oz (57g) Aerosol