Mothers Protectant (2 Sizes)


Mothers Protectant (2 Sizes)

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Mothers Protectant provides long lasting protection for tyres\, bumpers\, vinyl\, dashboards\, door panels\, running boards and window trim. Mothers® Protectant is a penetrating UV blocker which is effective on numerous surfaces to beautify and protect against the harshest of elements to keep your car looking like new.

Mothers Protectant is constructed to recondition and maintain the original condition and appearance of dashboards\, bumpers\, trim\, tyres and more. Mothers Protectant isn’t an oily surface-coating film; It’s an ozone and smog resisting\, UV shielding penetrant—a preservation agent that works on just about any uncoated plastic\, rubber or vinyl.


  1. Mothers Protectant may be sprayed directly onto the surface and then spread evenly with a clean towel or cloth. Alternatively\, spray Mothers Protectant directly onto the towel before spreading onto the surface. 
  2. Allow Mothers Protectant to penetrate for a few minutes
  3. Remove excess product with a dry\, clean towel or cloth and buff lightly

Available in: 473ml (16oz) or 710ml (24oz)