Mothers Tyre, Wheel and Wheel Arch Brush Set


Mothers Tyre, Wheel and Wheel Arch Brush Set

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Mothers Tyre\, Wheel and Wheel Arch Brush Kit includes three brushes that no detailer should be without\, fulfilling 3 definitive detailing functions. 

Mothers Contoured Tyre Brush

A subtle curve gives Mothers Contoured Tyre Brush a definite advantage over other tire brushes. The wide brush cleans most tyres from wheel to tread. Clean tires faster and with less effort! The handle of the brush is parallel to the brush head to give you maximum leverage as you scrub dirty tires. The rubber\, textured grip gives you a comfortable and firm hold on the brush\, even with wet hands. The brush head is surrounded by rubber to buffer it if it should accidentally bump the wheel. The short\, sturdy bristles are ideal for scrubbing tough rubber. The bristles are able to release dirt and oil from the rubber’s pores to leave the rubber clean and supple. The Tyre Brush measures 7 x 5.5 inches.

Mothers Wheel Brush

This ergonomic wheel brush makes cleaning your wheels more comfortable with a rubberized grip. There’s even a spot for your thumb so you can use extra pressure where needed. The handle is angled away from the brush head to keep your hands clean and dry\, even if the wheel is not! The feathered bristles are sturdy enough to knock stubborn grime out of the way\, yet they will not scratch the wheel surface. The bristles are chemical resistant and flexible. The Wheel Brush measures 10 x 4.5 inches.

Mothers Fender Well Brush

Mothers Fender Well Brush has a non-slip rubber grip on the handle for maximum comfort and convenience while you scrub your vehicle’s dirtiest areas. The handle is angled away from the brush head so you achieve the best angle for scrubbing. The bristles are feathered yet very sturdy. They can easily dislodge caked mud and road grime that has slung off the tires and stuck to the wells. A rubber edge around the brush head prevents accidental bumps with the fender as you clean. The bristles are chemical resistant and densely packed into the brush head. The long handle is made to accommodate the extra pressure needed for scrubbing. Mothers Fender Well Brush measures 20 x 4.5 inches.

The Mothers Tyre\, Wheel & Well Brush Kit includes all the brushes you need to properly clean and care for your vehicle’s most important parts. Save money when you buy all three brushes together in this kit!

Kit includes:

1 x Mothers Contoured Tyre Brush

1 x Mothers Wheel Brush

1 x Mothers Fender Well Brush

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