Nanoskin NOURISH - Leather & Vinyl Cleaner/Conditioner


Nanoskin NOURISH - Leather & Vinyl Cleaner/Conditioner

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Nanoskin NOURISH - Cleans and Conditions Leather & Vinyl Seats in One Step.

Rather than choosing a dedicated cleaner and a separate conditioner, Nanoskin NOURISH provides a one-step solution that cleans and conditions all Leather & Vinyl interior surfaces.

NOURISH contains unique UV absorbers that help to protect against premature aging and damage from harmful UV rays. These UV absorbers help leather and vinyl surfaces to retain their colour and texture to keep the leather in your car looking and feeling like NEW.

Nanoskin NOURISH is suitable for all types of leather and vinyl. NOURISH contains the same fine natural oils that are already found in leather. These oils restore that new-look appearance of leather, leaving seats with that natural, soft and supple feel. Nanoskin Nourish Leather & Vinyl Cleaner/Conditioner can be also used on dashboards and other textured plastic interior surfaces.

The bespoke Nanoskin NOURISH formula conditions seats and any other leather / vinyl surfaces, which makes scratches & abrasions less visible. NOURISH is suitable for use on all interior leather, vinyl and plastic. It should NOT be used on NUBUCK OR SUEDE.


  • - One step leather cleaner and conditioner with UV absorber
  • - Contains the finest natural oils for leather
  • - Leaves leather soft and supple 
  • - Restores new appearance and natural feel to leather
  • - Makes scratches and abrasions less visible
  • - Help penetrates, softens and lubricates leather
  • - Easy to use:  Spray on and wipe off 


  1. Use on any colour.
  2. Always test the product in an inconspicuous area to make sure treated surface is acceptable.
  3. Directly spray onto the leather or apply with clean soft cloth.
  4. Brush into leather.
  5. Buff gently with soft cloth.
Size: 473ml (16oz)