Optimum Paint Prep

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Optimum Paint Prep

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Optimum Paint Prep removes old polish and wax residue from your paintwork to leave you with a beautiful, clean surface for when you come to apply a coating, sealant or wax.

Having a clean surface before applying your last step product is vital. Most compounds, polishes, sealants and waxes leave behind residue which can prevent your new layer of protection from adhering to the surface correctly.

Optimum Paint Prep dissolves the residue left behind by former applications using a blend of mild solvents. It does not contain any surfactants or oils meaning no residue will be left on the surface by the product.  

It can be used for cleaning all interior or exterior surfaces whenever a clean surface is needed.

Simply spray Paint Prep onto the surface and wipe off with a clean, dry microfibre towel until there is no residue left. Repeat the process if needed. You will be left with a smooth, clean surface.

Size: 17oz