Park Smart Parking Mat

Park Smart

Park Smart Parking Mat

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Title:Yellow Mat

We’ve all gone a little too far when pulling forward in the garage. Before you do any serious damage to objects in your garage, consider the Park Smart Parking Mat for ensuring the perfect park.

The Park Smart Parking Mat guides your vehicle into the perfect parking spot every time! Never pull forward too far or not far enough. The Park Smart Parking Mat cradles your front tire when you hit it correctly to place your vehicle in the same place every time. 

Here are some of the features of The Park Smart Parking Mat:

Bright Colour. The colour provides a highly visible target, making them highly functional at night

Easy to Use. Simply place the heavy, anti-skid polyethylene mat precisely where you would like your front wheels to stop. When you drive over the first bump, that is your signal to brake, just like when you pull into an automatic car wash. You will no longer have to worry about crashing into bikes, lawnmowers, washing machines etc.

Oil and Petrol Resistant Material. Clean up is quick and easy, as these mats resist petrols.

Size: Each mat measures 700mm x 300mm and has a bump max height of is 40mm. 

Note: Use ONE Park Smart Garage Parking Mat per vehicle.