Park Smart Wall Guard

Park Smart

Park Smart Wall Guard

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A smart solution to door dings and chipped paint!

Who hasn’t swung open the car door a little too aggressively and realised it a moment too late, just to hear that sickening thud of the door colliding with the garage wall? We shudder at the thought.

Park Smart came up with this simple yet ingenious idea to stop people accidentally banging their garage wall and car door. It stands protectively between the car door and the garage wall. Children can be careless when jumping out of the car. Especially if things are tight in your garage as this bumper keeps your car door and the garage wall on good terms!

The indestructible Park Smart Wall Guard comes complete with all the essential hardware to install it on drywall, studs, brick or concrete. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

So, if you (or your children) have the habit of flinging your door open with too much force, the wall guard absorbs the shock and prevents damage to your car door. No more chips in the paint, no more dents in the door! And no worries!

Size: The Wall Guard measures 630mm x 165mm x 16mm

Colour: Available in Yellow, Red and Clear