Pinnacle Crystal Mist - Carnauba Detailing Spray

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Pinnacle Crystal Mist - Carnauba Detailing Spray

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Use Pinnacle Crystal Mist after washing or anytime to bring back that just-waxed shimmer.

Crystal Mist is a blend of super-refined, Brazilian Ivory Carnauba wax, conditioning oils, and crystalline polymers.

Simply spray and wipe to remove harmful, wax-eroding contaminants and restore the depth and clarity of a just-detailed finish.

This is not a quick-shine silicone spray. Every time you use Crystal Mist, you apply a micro-fine layer of protection. Used once a week, Crystal Mist can extend the life of initial carnauba wax coatings to six months or more!

Pinnacle paid particular attention to making Crystal Mist apply evenly and streak-free. Even black and red cars, in climates of high heat and humidity, buff off easily without cloudy patches or streaks.

Most cars can be misted and buffed in 3 to 4 minutes. When you're finished, it will look like you've spent all day detailing your car!

Directions for Best Results:

As with all wax, be sure to use in a shaded area and on a cool surface. Shake before using. Spray a light mist on clean surface and wipe away using a clean Microfibre Detailing Towel. Spray and wipe about four square feet (i.e. door, wing) at a time. A second misting can be applied after 2 hours for an extra deep gloss.

Detailing Tips:

- We recommend using a good microfibre cloth to buff off Crystal Mist to ensure a spectacular shine.

- Use a small soft detailing brush to remove dried wax around badges, lettering, trim, etc. If you get wax in areas that can't be reached with a towel, spray on Crystal Mist and remove the wax with a detailing brush.

- Crystal Mist can also be used to mist pads before polishing to make application easier.

Sizes available: 16oz (473ml) and 64oz (946ml)