Pinnacle Vinyl and Rubber Protectant

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Pinnacle Vinyl and Rubber Protectant

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The natural solution when fighting heat and ultraviolet exposure.

Your car's windows focus heat and ultraviolet energy on the dash, steering wheel and seats. Over time, interior vinyl surfaces can discolour, fade and crack. Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant beautifies and protects your car's dash, vinyl seats and door facings against premature ageing.

Unlike oil-based "cover-up" dressings, this is a water based conditioner. It does not contain any petroleum distillates. Petroleum solvents can dry out the top vinyl layer and cause premature cracking. Our blend of natural and modern ingredients restores the natural sheen of vinyl without that artificial plastic look.

Spray Vinyl & Rubber Protectant on a piece of terry cloth or a terry applicator pad and wipe the dash, vinyl seats and door panels. Surfaces will be enhanced with a non-greasy, satin lustre that reduces dangerous dash glare.

Before you put your applicator away, give your rubber door seals a quick wipe to keep them soft and pliable.

Vinyl & Rubber Protectant contains natural conditioning oils that provide a fresh, clean fragrance.

Directions for Best Results:

Apply to vinyl and rubber surfaces using a small cloth, sponge, or applicator pad. Surface can be buffed immediately with a clean towel or allow a few minutes to penetrate when using on hard rubber bumpers and tyres.

16 oz.

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