Poorboy's World Clay Bar

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Poorboy's World Clay Bar

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Poorboy's World Clay Bar removes embedded contaminants such as brake dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, overspray, and rail dust - and leaves the paint totally clean. After using Poorboy's World Clay Bar, your vehicle will look and feel as smooth as glass, ready for a coat of wax!

Poorboy's World Clay Bar is a flexible, long-lasting, synthetic clay resin. It can be stretched and reshaped countless times. This is a medium grade clay, perfect for twice-yearly usage.

So what exactly is a detailing clay bar? A clay bar is a soap sized chunk of putty that plucks embedded contaminants out of your paint. Clay bars typically remove contaminants such as tar, bug remnants, railway fallout, brake dust and anything else invisibly coating your car's paintwork.

Use a clay bar after washing, before a pre-wax cleanser, with plenty of clay bar lube and you will feel the difference. Compared to an area of paint that hasn't been clayed\, the paint will be silky smooth. 

So how do you clay your car? Follow these simple steps:

Wash your car throughly with a quality car shampoo.

Tear off a section of clay about 50mm x 50mm and start to mould the clay in your hands until it is soft and warm.

Spray a good amount of clay lube onto your bodywork and clay bar and try to work within a small area (about 200mm x 200mm) at any one time. Ensure that the area is always really well lubricated.

Rub the clay vertically or horizontally along the paintwork. Ensure there is just enough pressure on the clay to stop it from sliding out from under your fingers. As the clay moves over your paintwork it will pick up the contaminates.

After each area you cover, check your clay bar for dirt. If there is dirt in the clay, simply re-mould the clay again in your hands to form a fresh working area and carry on. Once the clay is very dirty, throw it away and start using a new piece.

Once you’ve finished claying your car, we recommend giving it another wash.

Poorboy's World Clay Bar gives you results you can see and feel. On clean paint, waxes and paint sealants bond better to deliver a clearer, more reflective shine. 

Detailing clay requires a clay lubricant so the clay bar can glide easily over the paint. Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe provides ample lubrication and it cleans up the paint nicely when you use it for a final wipe-down after claying.

Size: 2 x 200g bar in air tight container