Poorboy's World Mesh Microfibre Bug Towel

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Poorboy's World Mesh Microfibre Bug Towel

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The Poorboys World Mesh Microfibre Bug Towel is an exclusive microfibre towel specially designed to assist in the easy removal of Bugs\, Sap and Bird droppings. This Mesh towel is manufactured by Poorboys from double woven microfibre\, which is made to be safe and scratch-free for all finishes including paint\, plastic & glass.

Use the Poorboys Mesh Bug Towel with Super Slick and Suds car shampoo\, with Bug Squash\, Birdsh#t Remover or with Spray and Wipe waterless wash. The cleverly woven microfibre mesh works to remove dirt\, bugs\, sap and bird droppings with ease.

The Poorboys World Mesh Bug Towel can also be used on interiors to scrub vinyl and leather. This is a towel no detailer or enthusiast should be without.