Poorboy's World Natural Look (3 Sizes)

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Poorboy's World Natural Look (3 Sizes)

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Title:32oz (946ml)

Poorboys World Natural Look cleans and restores numerous interior and exrterior surface with UV Protection

Poorboys Natural Look is a water-based interior dressing and cleaner with UV absorbers and protectants that makes it easy to restore and keep that new look and feel on: leather\, vinyl\, rubber\, plastic and tyres.

Unlike many similar products\, Poorboys World Natural Look is not a high-gloss dressing. Natural Look will leave a beautiful matt finish that is non-sticky and non-greasy.

Poorboys Natural Look has the following features:

-          Removes dust and light grime

-          Dries to the touch

-          Has UV Protection

-          Softens as it protects

-          Water-based

-          Safe for leather

-          Use on leather and vinyl seats

-          Use on Dashboards

-          Use on motorcycle seats

-          Use on plastic

-          Use on convertible tops

Sizes: 16 oz. (473ml) or 32 oz (946 ml) and 1 Gallon (3.78 litres)