Poorboy's World Polish with Carnauba
Poorboy's World Polish with Carnauba

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Poorboy's World Polish with Carnauba

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Size:473ml (16oz)

Poorboy’s Polish with Carnauba is an all-in-one product that cleans and protects your car in one step.

Poorboy's World Polish with Carnauba cleans and protects your paintwork in one simple step. If you haven't got time to polish and wax separately then use Poorboys Polish with 100% Carnauba. 

This polish contains the right amount of gentle active cleaners that purifies the car’s surface. Microscopic fillers smooth over scratches, swirl marks and other blemishes to diminish their appearance.

With one application you can remove evidence of oxidation, haze, fine scratches and swirls, sap, tar, bugs, overspray, bird droppings. Polish with Carnauba will also remove water spots and minor water etching.

Poorboys Polish with Carnauba has the following features:

-          Easy on, easy off application

-          Non abrasive

-          100% carnauba

-          UV protectant

-          Great on all paints, clearcoats, chrome, plastic and hard rubber

-          Use in sun or shade

-          No pre-cleaners necessary

As with all Poorboy’s products, the Polish with Carnauba applies and buffs off with incredible ease. This non-abrasive polish/protectant may be applied and removed by hand or you can use a machine. 

This product is generally used for vehicles in good condition. If your car needs some extra attention, precede this step with one of Poorboy’s abrasive Swirl Removers or Professional Polish.

Sizes: 16oz (473ml), 32oz (946ml)

Product Code: PB-PC16